About us

AVA Statyba - Reliable general contractor for over 20 years. Our long-term experience guarantees a wide range of services and smooth execution of our projects

Construction and design services

Industrial buildings

Industrial construction - our area of expertise.

Construction of residential and commercial premises

We have a lot of experience in building both private houses and commercial buildings: shopping malls, offices, warehouses.


We offer a wide range of construction design services, from simple buildings to special agricultural and industrial buildings.

Specialized construction of foundations

UAB AVA Statyba are experts in specialized foundation construction. We design the foundation, conduct all the necessary geological research, and finish the job with the most advanced technologies of today.

General and special construction works

A wide range of completed objects ranging from residential construction to infrastructure projects.

Agricultural buildings

AVA Statyba offers a comprehensive range of solutions for farmers, from idea generation and financial applications to construction and project management.

Design Construction Projects management

Our company has more than 20 years of experience and more than 180 permanent construction workers.

More than 30 of our engineers and administrative employees ensure smooth process management.

Object management is based on the Scandinavian multi-level planning methodology.

We have video surveillance at all of our active sites and give our clients the ability to log in and monitor the progress.

We earn the loyalty of our clients - most of them choose our company for other projects as well.

Our existing production base allows the company to independently manufacture uncomplicated metal constructions, effectively repair and maintain our own vehicles and machinery

We also have an office in Latvia - this allows us to carry out large-scale contract work in the neighbouring country.

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